Cinemanyak Previews The 2009 Academy Awards

Cinemanyak Previews The 2009 Academy Awards

Saturday, December 27, 2008

ONE NIGHT ONLY: "Indie" Thriving In A Commercial Film Festival

Just like sex, the more "over-the-top" you do it...the more fun it would be.

Just like sex, the idea of an orgy may sound fun...yet it could be physically and emotionally tiring at the end.

Just like sex, it may be taboo to some...though we chuckle everytime we talk about it.

Just like sex, it matter how you package it.

Sex is just like MMFF entry One Night Only (a story about 12 individuals whose lives became connected because of one sleazy motel). And believe it or not, I think its better than Baler!

Interesting huh?

Let try to take it one at a time:

1) One Night Only went over-the-top! Sex was packaged in a very ridiculous, humorous, funny way. And it worked! Instead of irritation, you will feel admiration (for Jose Javier Reyes). They have converted something taboo to something very..err...human.

That's the best way to go around it, Filipino mainstream directors. If you know you can't handle a subject matter...go over board and exaggerate. It would be more palatable than pretending to be deep.

2) One Night Only is an "orgy"...figuratively. They juggled 12 stories in 1.5 hours! And they did it with much success.

I find the editing fantastic: cut-to-cut loads of characters without losing the's a feat! The only problem is that the story lacks a unifying, solid tension. Thus there is a tendency for viewers to get tired of the characters even before the middle of the film

3) One Night Only is the most indie-looking MMFF entry I've seen in years. This worked for their advantage as they suddenly had the excuse to be experimental in a very commercialized film festival.

The most indie about the the film? The screenplay...which I consider indie class A!

4) Aside from the tiring character build-up, another flaw I saw was how they ended the multi-layered/charactered film. But this is a common problem to the genre, case in point...Paris J T'aime (thanks to a song by Feist, they were able to end it, uhm, well).

I was about to fall from my seat from laughing in the end..but the "bomb" Katrina Halili gave brought me back to the comfort of my Rockwell Cinema seat.

But overall, it find the movie very refreshing and entertaining. This is definitely a wild card for the Best Picture race.

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