Cinemanyak Previews The 2009 Academy Awards

Cinemanyak Previews The 2009 Academy Awards

Monday, August 20, 2007

Irina Palm: The Best Hands in Town!

Cinemanyak Rating: 7.5/10
IMDB Rating: 7.5/10
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Awards & Achievements:
Winner - Reader Jury, Berlin Film Festival
In Competition - Berlin Film Festival
In Competition - Cinemanila Film Festival

IRINA PALM...boring title at first. But after watching the movie, I can't help it but smile everytime I hear "Irina Palm".

Irina Palm is a movie about a widowed grandmother, Maggie, who wants to save her grandson from cancer by sending him to Australia for treatment. The problem is they don't have much to pay for his airfare and hospital bills. Without any work experience, she walks around London to look for a job. After multiple rejections, she ended up in a Soho sex club. She then agreed to masturbate men through a hole for 800 pounds a week.

Now you know why "Irina Palm"...becasue she has the best palm in town!

A drama-comedy neatly directed by Sam Garbarski. This film competed in this year's Berlin Film Festival. Irina Palm's unconventional storyline will leave you awake for 2 hours, though there are some lags in the story telling that will make you wish you could fast track time.

Cinemanyak recommends this film for its unique plot and amusing humor. Aside from that, it is a so-so art film.

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